The Lviv History of Religion Museum

The Lviv History of Religion Museum – is one of our first project, which we support from the beginning and now it is the third version of the website. Every time we added a new functionality, changed a website design, approximated the museum to its potential visitors. Date: 2013 Categories:  ...

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Trade House “Nasinnya”

One of the leading seed and crop protection products distributor. Our cooperation lasts from the 2011 and it is our second version of the website, which is adapted for mobile devices and integrated with social networks. Creating of communication groups for professional agronomists the most popular of which is the ...

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The website of deputies

Information portal of the deputies of the Lviv City Council – it is the project where everyone can find information about the activity of the deputies of the Lviv City Council. Beginning from the first convocation up to the actual deputy inquiries and the voting results regarding every inquiry. Date: ...

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